DRINKING GAMES 101: NFL Blitz (N64) ft. DuClaw Funk


Welcome to the very first episode of Drinking Games 101! Holy fuck this is gonna be fun.

Watch the video above to learn how this game is played but if after you need a quick cheat sheet – here ya go (these are penalties for when an opponent scores on you):


Touchdown: 6 Seconds (plus additional +2 Seconds for 2 pt conversion or +1 Second for extra point)
Field Goal: 3 Seconds
Sack: 1 Second
Fumble/INT: 2 Seconds
Safety: 5 Seconds

We played with Du Claw Funk, because Du Claw is dope and Funk is delicious – but you can use any beer you’d like!  Please make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube for more great beer videos and let us know in the comments if you play this game differently!


Name: Funk
Brewery: DuClaw Brewing Company (Maryland, USA)
Style: Blueberry Citrus Wheat Ale
ABV: 5%
Malts: N/A
Hops: Cascade, Columbus
Additional Adds: Blueberries and lemons
IBUs: 16
Original Gravity: N/A

Du Claw Funk

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