Dogfish Head’s Beer For Breakfast & Overcooked!

Overcooked, developed by Ghost Town Games, is a cooperative cooking game you can play with up to 3 friends.

Here’s the deal. This game is simple, and yet, impossible. All you have to do is complete a food order, and you even get the ingredient list – however, chaos starts to set in as you introduce more chefs into the kitchen. Tensions start to run high, egos clash, and orders are messed up.

Every time you think you have a particular kitchen figured out, a new curve ball is thrown your way. Whether it be through changes in whacky architecture, navigating around innocent bystanders, or even transitioning from one food truck to another while driving down a highway – this game is constantly putting your cooking, communication and teamwork skills to the test.

There’s no moment where we weren’t on the edge of our seats screaming at each other. Pure, unadulterated, chaotic fun & enjoyment.



Name: Overcooked!
Developer: Ghost Town Games
Available On: PC (Steam), PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
Multiplayer: YES
Release: 2016

To pair with this game, I chose Dogfish Head Craft Brewing’s Beer for Breakfast Stout. The dark mapley, coffee enriched flavor of this beer played very well off the theme of this game. Like the game where you struggle to maintain control over a chaotic environment, this beer throws smoky, sweet dark flavor profiles at you that are constantly shifting and changing in your pallete.
This stout will remind you of having pancakes and coffee beside a campfire. The smokiness of the malts, the sweetness from the added maple syrup, and the savoriness from the 25 pounds of scrapple added in, make this a wonderfully delicious and complex brew. Although this beer didn’t bring as strong of a pork taste as we were hoping, we were delightfully pleased with the breakfast type flavor profiles this 7.4% milk stout was able to put forth.

So break out your chef hat, have a Beer For Breakfast (literally if you want), and fire up some Overcooked! ASAP!


Name: Beer For Breakfast
Brewery: Dogfish Head Craft Brewing Co. (Delaware, USA)
Style: Stout
ABV: 7.4%
Malts: N/A
Hops: N/A
Additional Adds: Coffee, Maple Syrup, Scrapple
IBUs: 30
Original Gravity: N/A

Veer For Breakfast


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