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Prohibition Ale & Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime!

This week, the bearded beer bros are back to play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by developer Asteroid Base. The game is centered around teamwork, which is probably why we’re so bad at it. The goal here is to work together using shields, cannons, maps, and thrusters to rescue your fellow bunnies from space imprisonment. Bright colors, fun animations, and cute explosions lend a hand to mask the undertones of death, despair, and kidnapping. Altogether the varying elements of this game make a wonderful combination that strikes the perfect balance of enjoyment and frustration.

Altogether, the varying elements of this game strike the perfect balance of enjoyment and frustration.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime


Name: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Developer: Asteroid Base
Available On: PC (Steam), PS4, XBOX ONE
Multiplayer: YES
Release: 2015

Pairing a beer to this game, with its dastardly premise set in a bright and shiny world, proved to be challenging. Luckily, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers came to our aide with its Prohibition Ale, an amazing blend of both hoppiness and maltiness. What makes this beer interesting is its balance between the two forces, with neither one overpowering the other.  Its flavor teamwork produces a rich, complex, and tasty amber ale. Interestingly, each sip of this balanced brew brings a creamy mouth-feel alongside fruity and nutty notes you might otherwise only find in lighter beers.

We suggest you sneak yourself a can or two Prohibition Ales past the coppers and sit down next to a few friends to enjoy this great beer and game combo.


Name: Prohibition Ale
Brewery: Speakeasy Ales & Lagers (California, USA)
Style: American Amber Ale
ABV: 6.1%
Malts: Two Row Pale, CaraMunich, Crystal Malt
Hops: Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, Centennial
Additional Adds: N/A
IBUs: 50
Original Gravity: N/A

Prohibition Ale


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