CRAFT BEERS & INDIE GAMES – Ballast Point Red Velvet & Lakeview Cabin Collection

Ballast Point Red Velvet & Lakeview Cabin Collection!

Created and published by Roope Taminen, this sandbox horror game is modeled after all your favorite Horror movies of the 70 ‘s and 80’s. Being a collection [of games], you’re given the option to pick your poison from a variety of sub-games.  As our first foray into this title, we played Lakeview Cabin III; a recreation of Friday the 13th.

As soon as the game starts you immediately feel as though you’re in the movie. The fear, confusion, and adrenaline are as real for you playing as they were for those kids at Camp Crystal Lake [oh so many moons ago]. The graphics are beautifully pixelated, and the music is spooky as all hell. Silence is the main theme of the game, with piano riffs dancing in the distance as a reminder that a murderer is somewhere, maybe inside the next room.  I can’t express enough how truly scary this game ended up being for us.

Very, very well done!



Name: Lakeview Cabin Collection
Developer: Roope Tamminen
Available On: PC (Steam)
Multiplayer: No 🙁
Release: 2015

To pair with Lakeview Cabin, we chose Ballast Point’s Nitro Red Velvet stout.

Going just off the artwork alone makes this beer a fitting pair with Lakeview – the image of death coupled with the enjoyment of cake.  This blend of themes perfectly mirrors a game who’s enjoyability sometimes lets you forget there’s an ax murderer on the loose (right up until he chops you into pieces).

Red Velvet Nitro is as red as the blood that runs down the blade of ax, and is as smooth and luxurious as a summer’s breeze.  Earthy flavors from the beets (where the beer gets its red color) are complimented by chocolatey and fruity notes, making for a delicious experience.  This beer doesn’t have the flavor of cake if that’s what you’re looking for (which Ballast Point even notes on their site), but it’s soft and thick mouthfeel certainly drives the cake vibe home well.  Personally, I think utilizing the subtle red velvet cake mouthfeel works much better here rather than just simply making it taste as sweet as actual cake (but that’s just me, as Achille$ notes that he wishes it was in fact sweeter).

So you know the drill! Grab some Red Velvet, fire up Lakeview Cabin Collection, turn off all the lights (of course!), and go get drunk and scared!!



Name: Red Velvet [Nitro]
Brewery: Ballast Point Brewing Co. (California, USA)
Style: Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 5.5%
Malts: N/A
Hops: N/A
Additional Adds: N/A
IBUs: 35
Original Gravity: N/A

Ballast Point Red Velvet

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