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Rogue Dead Guy Ale & Crawl by Powerhoof!

Crawl isn’t your average dungeon crawler. In this take on the classic gaming genre, your teammates are pitted against you as you try to traverse the levels.

While one character plays as a human, the other characters play as ghosts trying to kill you so they can become the human (in a ‘king of the hill’ type way). In order to gain experience and progress through the game, you have to defeat every monster, demon, and object that your fellow players choose to possess and turn against you.

Dark 16 bit graphics set a macabre, retro tone for this dungeonous masterpiece.  Crawl provides a wide variety of monsters you can take control of, along with randomly generated levels and bosses to keep your attention and add buckets of re-playability. Additionally, in true to genre form, Crawl has both in-game weapon and monster upgrade systems (based on gold and XP) that provide an extra level of depth and competition to each glorious level of button mashing.

The most surprisingly enjoyable, and extremely entertaining part of the game, is the mechanic of having your friends fighting against you to progress the game. It’s a brilliant new take on the genre, and we look forward to seeing if it takes off in other multiplayer games.



Name: Crawl
Developer: Powerhoof
Available On: PC (Steam)
Multiplayer: YES!
Release: 2014

To pair with this morbid, gothic, spectacular game, we chose Rogue Ales & Spirit’s Dead Guy Ale.

Highly touted around the craft beer community, it came as no surprise that this Maibock style ale was going to be solid. Malty, sweet, and subtle fruit notes fill out the taste for this delicious brew. Dead Guy Ale is an easy to drink, great tasting beer – perfect for when you have to rifle a few down during a drinking game or taking intermittent curious sips while crawling a dungeon.

What’s interesting about this beer is that it’s an ale, yet it’s in the Maibock style, which is classicly a lager. Interesting, right? Either way, it’s a beer done right that continually finds itself in “beers to try” lists all over the internet (for good reason).

Grab yourself some Dead Guy Ale, fire up Crawl (preferably with your favorite humans), and get to making dead dungeon guys even more dead!



Name: Dead Guy Ale
Brewery: Rogue Ales & Spirits (Oregon, USA)
Style: Maibock … Ale
ABV: 6.8%
Malts: 2-Row, C15, Munich, Rogue Farms Dare™, Risk™
Hops: Rogue Farms Revolution™ & Independent™
Additional Adds: N/A
IBUs: 40
Original Gravity: 16° Plato

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

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