BEER REVIEW – [River Horse] Raspberry Tripel Horse

Delicious Raspberry Power!

River Horse Raspberry Tripel Horse has become a fan favorite in the IDRANKBEER household since this review.  Distracting you up front with tasty fresh berry notes while secretly pulling you away from sobriety with its nothing-to-scoff-at 10% ABV makes for a strong crowd pleaser that’s hard to beat.  It’s just got something for everyone (unless you hate berries, of course).

Here’s what River Horse Brewing Co. has to say about this beer:

“Year after year, the fan favorite at our cask festival is always our Tripel Horse Belgian Style Ale with raspberries. So we figured why not run with it! We’ve added 14 pounds of raspberries per barrel to our original Tripel Horse recipe and bottled it for you to enjoy at home. The label may be loud – but the raspberry is perfectly balanced in this smooth Belgian style beer.”

Luckily we get a good deal of River Horse (here in New York where Achille$ and Bearman live), so this isn’t the first River Horse to come past our taste buds – and they never disappoint.  Come on, I mean, their mascot is an awesome little hippo!  I’d be lying if I said that the branding alone hadn’t helped guide my hand in the beer distributor more than a few times.

Oh, and you can cook with River Horse as well!  If you haven’t checked out Chef Richie’s recipe for Beer Brined Turkey ft. River Horse Summer Blonde make sure you do that for sure.  River Horse, what can’t they do?!

Until next time, watch the video above and let us know what you have to say about this beer below in the comments!


Name: Raspberry Tripel Horse
Brewery: River Horse Brewing Co. (New York, USA)
Style: Belgian Tripel
ABV: 10%
Malts: Pilsen, White Wheat, Caramel
Hops: Chinook, Hallertau, Saaz
Additional Adds: 14 Pounds of Raspberries
Original Gravity: N/A

Raspberry Tripel Horse


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