BEER REVIEW – [Blue Moon] Cocoa Brown Ale

A Brown Ale That Tastes Like A Brown Ale!

We did it, we finally made it to the last beer of this sampler.  I’m not too ashamed to admit that I bought (and drank) this whole sampler a few times before I got all the reviews done. Oops.  I filed that one under “research” and not “procrastinating” if you’re wondering.  Anywho, grab yourself a Cocoa Brown Ale and click the video above to get this train rollin’.

Here’s what Blue Moon has to say about this beer:

“Nothing… (weird, right??)”

Personally, I wasn’t too blown away by this beer and I still don’t understand what a Brewmaster Select beer means (I looked all over the website and still couldn’t find out any more info).  If you’re looking for a brown ale – I’d just stick to the classics and let this one slide by.  Not bad but not great; totally drinkable and totally enjoyable.

And with those wise words, so ends our trip through the Brewmaster Sampler Pack!  Let us know which beer we should review next in the comments!


Name: Cocoa Brown Ale
Brewery: Blue Moon (Colorado, USA)
Style: Ale
ABV: 5.8%
Malts: Pale and Belgian Chocolate Malts
Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
Additional Adds: N/A
Original Gravity: N/A

Cocoa Brown Ale


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