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PicoBrew Model C

Founded by Bill Mitchell, his brother Jim Mitchell, and Avi Gieger, PicoBrew hopes to bring home brewing to an all new level. Each member of the PicoBrew team brings a different specialized element to the table.  While Jim is a physicist and food chemist, his brother Bill, a former Microsoft Vice president, has a great amount of experience in software and appliances. The third team member, Avi, also an ex-Microsoft employee, coming from an engineering role and background.  Together, the three sought to streamline and simplify the homebrewing process for customers around the world.

Zymatic – The world’s first, fully automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance.

In 2013, the team took to Kickstarter to help fund their first project, the Zymatic. The Zymatic is an automated beer brewing machine for the home that allows you to easily pick a specific beer recipe you want to brew, and then the system handles the rest of the process automatically.  Set it and forget it; Ronco style. Recipes are available from both local and international breweries, as well as an online community which allows you to post your own recipes, test other member’s recipes out, and rate them. On top of all these great features, using network connectivity, you can even monitor the process of your Zymatic via computer, tablet, or phone. Needless to say, the project was funded extremely quickly (only 34 hours). Following the success of the Zymatic, PicoBrew then developed KegSmarts, a tool that you can attach to almost any Kegorator which helps you control the fermentation process of your freshly brewed craft beer, monitor the temperature and remaining level of the beer, as well as display the beers you have on tap – giving ratings, ingredients, and tasting notes for each brew.

KegSmarts, the second product from the PicoBrew Team

Now, PicoBrew is back on Kickstarter again to help fund their newest project, the Pico C.   The all new Pico model C is even smaller than the Zymatic, a perfect size for your kitchen – and is much cheaper than its predecessor ($550 for the Pico C vs. $2000 for the Zymatic).

Functionally, what sets this new model apart from the Zymatic is the addition of the Pico pods, which are pre-loaded pods containing all the ingredients needed for the recipe of specific beers. Partnering with a huge number of breweries (like big names such as Rogue, Abita, and 21st Amendment – just to name a few) to provide an already astounding 150+ beer options, the pico pod is an addition which really sets this over the top. All you need to do to brew is load the pod into the machine, and boom, a few days later you have a beer in your hands as fresh as if it were made at the original brewery miles and miles away. Most beers are meant to be enjoyed fresh, and the Pico C is giving us all the opportunity to enjoy beer as the brew masters intended.

Pico pods
Pico pods being filled with all fresh ingredients to make your brews taste the way they were intended.

In case you weren’t sold on giving the Pico C a try, get this – you can also cook food in it. Using the French method of Sous Vide, you can cook any meat in the Pico C by first vacuum sealing it in a bag, then placing it in the boiling water from the system to cook it.  Crazy.

The Pico C is already funded on Kickstarter more than three times over, but you should still contribute now to lock in a special reduced price. The projected retail value is $550, but if by the time you read this they’re still available, you could get one for as cheap as $329 (plus shipping).  Let us know in the comments below what you think and if you plan on snagging one!

Pico C Kickstarter

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