BEER ARTICLE – [INFO] Awesome Beer Names

panty dropper

After reading this article by Justin Kendall at BrewBound on the decision by the Brewers Association to crack down on offensive and inappropriate beer names, I realized it was my duty to let the world see all the awesomely off-color names and art that were used as examples (as I had not heard of them myself personally) in said article.  Some of these labels and beer names have changed since their glorious origins, but here are the originals in all their shining inappropriateness!

Here we go:

Pig’s Mind Brewing PD California Style Ale

Image result for pig mind brewing pd style ale

Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

Image result for Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Chesapeake Stout

SweetWater Happy Ending Imperial Stout

Related image

Stark Brewing’s Mt. U Golden Cream Ale

Image result for Stark Brewing’s Mt. U Golden Cream Ale


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